Photo by: D. Babcock, AnimAction Photos

HR Vildanden's Neon af Nischi CD JH WCX TDI Can JH WCI

(Nordwart Adling x LPI LPII SUCH Vildandens Drottning Af Snickjaz)



Jamie decided when Wager was 9 that the time had come to add another Toller pup to the household to train for hunting. After considerable research to bring in some “new blood” and with the help of Laurie Geyer, we decided on a litter born in Sweden to breeder Anette Bjorgell’s Vildandens ‘Wild Ducks”.  Anette is very thorough and knowledgeable in researching pedigrees with an eye on health, conformation, and hunting instinct. She has a record of producing some of Sweden’s top hunting retriever Tollers with excellent conformation, as proven by two Vildanden dogs winning the prestigious Swedish “Tollermaster” title at the huge Swedish National Specialty. The title is a competition between the retrievers who are qualified in the field and then go into the show ring to compete against each other. The dogs are ranked after their field work and then again in the show ring with the dog having the lowest combined score being the winner.. In 2006 the Tollermaster was won by “Jessi”, a half-sister to Vad, and in 2005 Krusmynta, another Vildanden dog won the Junior Tollermaster title (for dogs under 2 years). In both cases the dogs were ranked first in the field and in the show ring; so 1 + 1 = 2 for their score- and it just doesn’t get any better! Vad’s dam won BIS Progenygroup at the Tollerspeciality 2004.  There is some definite quality behind his breeding!

We met many friendly Swedes and their talented Tollers, as Anette arranged a demonstration for us of their tracking skills and even included us on a duck hunt.  Vad’s dam retrieved the sole duck and little Neon went nuts dragging that fresh duck around by the neck!  We brought Vad and his brother Radon, aka “Ray” back to the US, with Ray going to live with Laurie Geyer and family.

Vad’s career as my conformation dog was ‘cut short’ after he once won both Best Puppy and Best of Breed just before he turned one.  After that we knew his size would not be favorable for the blue ribbons, as Jamie and I have conducted a Judges’ Educational Seminar advising the AKC judges to go for moderation in the breed ring.

Our choice of a pup from this breeding proved to be ‘a match made in heaven’ as Vad has such outstanding natural instincts and drive.  Jamie has been very patient with his training and at the time of this writing (November 2006) they have accomplished an AKC JH (Junior Hunt) title, a UKC SHR (Started hunting Retriever) title and just completed the WCX (Working Certificate Excellent) at the 2006 National Specialty in September. Over Labor Day weekend Vad made his debut in Canada and completed his Canadian Junior Hunt title and WCI (Working Certificate Intermediate).  Now we just completed our hunting season and he was working beautifully in the field quartering for pheasants and had several successful “tolling” experiences, bringing ducks into range in the natural setting. What a good boy!

We look forward to more refinement in his field work and more titles. We also may eventually go into the obedience ring with him to accomplish a CD (companion dog) title and maybe a CGC (canine good citizen).

Perhaps Vad’s most outstanding quality is his temperament.  He assimilated beautifully to our household and his red “brothers and sisters”, and the cat, but he especially loves puppies; allowing them to crawl all over him and nip at him as he plays ever so gently with them. He loves people of all ages and we are so very thankful that he lives up to Anette’s expectations for the dogs she breeds::

Vildandens motto is:   Mentally nice tollers, with lots of "will to please", in a healthy body!

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Weekly, we eagerly watched the pups grow thanks to Anette’s timely posting of pictures of each pup.  “Little Neon” caught our eye and Anette’s as well and for a call name we selected “Vad”, which is Swedish for wager, bet, or chance. Following the 2004 US National Specialty we flew to Sweden to be hosted to a wonderful time by Anette and her wonderful sons and her husband’s excellent cooking!
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