Be aware that Toller puppies are not for every home! 

They were not bred to be content as 24 hour couch potatoes! 

They are happiest when they have a job and are working at it.

They do need daily exercise and affection!

You may want to check out the humorous view of the Top 10 Reasons –Not to get a Toller
found at (look under
Breed Information on this public information page).

PLEASE DO YOUR HOMEWORK!  All breeders are not equal! To check out a breeder, go to
Look for breeders who have a lot of dogs with titles on both sides of their names and full
health clearances. Be sure you meet their dogs. You might also ask for references!
You will be happieer in the long run since the cute puppy will be with you for years to come!

To check what health clearances are being done by a breeder, go to and put in their kennel name.
For example, type in Vermilion and you will see the public health clearances our dogs have.

All of our pups are raised in the home with daily individual attention. We are retired and have the time to dedicate to the welfare and development of the growing pups.  Vermilion Toller pups leave our home with a microchip, their first set of immunizations, an individual vet health report, a health guarantee against hip dyspalsia and Progressive Retinal Atrophy covering two years, training information, a toy, treats, and a collar.  Each pup will have been temperament tested, prey-drive tested and structurally tested to provide the best match for you.

We have standards by which all of the pups bearing the Vermilion name are raised; they are not raised in a kennel.  We endeavor to provide the healthiest and best socialized pups possible from each of our breedings.  Each puppy is given early neurological stimulation; they are socialized with children, with other dogs and cats; they learn to climb steps; they are given opportunities to play individually; they are introduced to retrieving toys, wings and birds, and introduced to water (weather permitting); they also are introduced to riding in cars and being in a crate; and of course they were photographed!  The dogs we choose to breed are wonderful examples of the breed with excellent temperaments, have more than the minimal health clearances and come from strong pedigrees with good healthy backgrounds.

Just as we put time and effort into each puppy we also have expectations for your interactions and attention to your dog.  For example we do expect you to enroll in a puppy socialization course and follow this with formal classroom obedience sessions to set the foundation for a training relationship that will last a lifetime.  A well-mannered and socialized dog is a joy to live with, conversely a spoiled, untrained dog can be a nightmare.  The pup’s future is in your hands and that is a big responsibility not to be taken lightly. We will provide you with tips for proper socialization and training and will be available to answer your questions as your dog grows.

Pictures of the litter as the pups grow will be updated for those with deposits. You are invited to view but are warned not to fall in love with any specific pup as we will make the final selection choices as to which pup will go to which home after extensive temperament testing, retriever testing and conformation testing.  That process will not be completed prior to 8 weeks.

Since we have chosen to invest so much time to each puppy in each litter and since an active Toller puppy is not right for everyone, we would appreciate that you take the time to complete our puppy buyer’s questionnaire to tell us a bit about yourself. We will definitely get back to you in a timely manner, unless we are on vacation.  If for some reason we do not contact you, please feel free to email or phone us.

Please complete a Buyer’s Survey if interested!
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Thank you for your interest in our dogs!

For more Toller info, you can also visit: www.midwesttollers

Jamie Como & Kathy Koebensky-Como

Please take a few minutes to read about how we raise our puppies and our puppy placement philosphy, below.

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