Welcome to Vermilion Tollers, located in
beautiful Northern Minnesota in Summer and East Central Texas in Winter!

We are home to the versatile Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retrievers,
hunting dogs that toll & retrieve.

We are proud to own and have bred Champions in the field, the conformation ring,
 the obedience ring, the rally ring, the agility ring 
and have registered therapy dogs! 

 Here's a link to an interesting article featuring our Tollers and others,
regarding the preservation of the breed --- performing the job they were bred for!


Read on if you wish to learn more about us:

We have owned Labs and Goldens in the past but prefer the Toller personality. We got our first Toller to hunt.  In fact the fellow, Pete White, we got him from, out in Maine on the Canadian border, would not sell the dog to us unless we had previous hunting experience and were going to hunt the dog and later prove his hunting abilities by getting a title.  Our dogs have a lot of experience hunting -- ducks up on Lake of the Woods in Canada, North Dakota and Minnesota. We also hunt grouse and pheasants. They are excellent working dogs.  Wager did triples-blinds etc on land and water and was a tireless worker. Bet amazed others with her small size and lightning-fast retrieves.  Our Swedish addition, Vad, pronounced “Vod” is just full of natural abilities and is doing extremely well at hunt tests….many are impressed with his marking and drive! We have had great success with two of his offspring, Riga and Torque.  We also have Teaser who has beautiful movement!  We are now training a Torque-Teaser girl named Cheers and a Riga daughter named Britt.  In all we have Vad, Teaser, Riga, Cheers and Britt living with us. Teaser will go into retirement in a different retirement home at the end of 2013.

Many of our dogs have their US NSDTR Club Championships and Canadian Championships as well as obedience and hunt titles and also have worked as therapy dogs.  We do not have a “kennel”; our dogs live in the house with us. We enjoy participating in the Toller Specialty shows and regularly participate in the Nationals in both the US and Canada.  To earn the titles on Wager, Bet, Madra, and Remi we traveled far and wide as the only real opportunities in the US were at Regional and National Specialty shows, back in the days before AKC recognition.  Our dogs have taken us from California to Massachusetts for US titles and from Vancouver, BC to Nova Scotia for Canadian titles… as well as several locations in-between over the years.  They were fun times when we would travel from coast to coast and meet some great dedicated people that we shared a common bond with; the love of our Tollers! Toller fanciers just keep ticking and we really look forward to seeing the same friendly faces of the members of the original Toller nuclear family we were first welcomed by.  

These dogs have enriched our lives by providing opportunities for some wonderful friendships! Every two years the NSDTR Club – USA did host a National Specialty, Wager and Bet both won the titles for 1st place Hunting Retriever Dog and Bitch at the National Specialty in ‘02. We did not take them to Alabama to defend their titles at the ‘04 Nat’l Specialty because immediately following the Specialty we went to Sweden to get a special male pup, “Vad”, to broaden the gene pool.  We also helped put on the Annual Regional Specialty that we call the BackYard Classic the past in MN.  The people in both the US and Canadian NSDTR Clubs are just so much fun! We also went to the Netherlands for the World Dog Show July of 2002 and met some of the European Toller breeders to check out their lines for possible imports.  As mentioned we also went to Sweden to check out more.  In both cases we brought pups home to expand the gene pool.  We were thrilled at the 2004 National Specialty where Vermilion’s All Fire Up, aka “Ember”, a pup from Bet’s Christmas litter ’03  got chosen as Best Puppy at the 2004 Nat’l Specialty ----YEA!!!!   Another of our pups, “Winnie”, who also got Best Puppy in a Regional Specialty Show made it to Westminster in ‘05! September ’05 we returned from Nova Scotia with some ribbons from the conformation show and the hunt tests, where we celebrated the 60th Anniversary of Toller recognition in Canada.  Now that Tollers have been accepted into the AKC we will have a Nat’l Specialty annually, so we had another successful adventure at the ‘05 Specialty in Oregon.  One of our pups, Vermilion’s Holy Hannah, “Hannah” got Best Puppy and Reserve Winner’s Bitch at only 7 months!  So we are thrilled to have won Best Puppy at two consecutive National Specialties!                           Well  now the run of Best Puppy” awards wrapped up in great style when in 2012 we won our third Best Puppy at a National Specialty.  Vermilion's Ram'n Jam'n Rosco of TNT also went on to get Reserve Winner's Dog.  Any breeder winning Best Puppy  three times is allowed to retire the trophy which we did and then sponsored a new trophy!

We only breed dogs that have met their health clearances, have good temperaments, have good retrieving abilities and have the correct conformation. We carefully match our pups, which are raised in the home, to the right family dependent on their expectations.  We prefer them to go to active homes where the dogs will participate in hunting, showing, or obedience or agility or some do go to loving family homes.  Tollers are happiest when they have a job. We do not require our pup buyers to be hunters, but we appreciate that many of our buyers do end up enjoying hunt tests, which the dogs just love! 

We have standards by which all of the pups bearing the Vermilion name are raised; they are not raised in a kennel.  We endeavor to provide the healthiest and best socialized pups possible from all of our breedings. We are known for the socialization that we provide the developing pups; we spend alot of quality time with them and they are handled and given individual attention and some early training every day. Before they leave us they have the first set of shots, a book filled with Toller information, a microchip, an individual vet health report, health guarantees for hips and eyes, treats, a collar, and are well-socialized little pups who have been temperament tested to provide the best match for you.  Each puppy is given early neurological stimulation;  they are socialized with children, with other dogs; they are given opportunities to play individually; they are introduced to wings and birds and water; they also are introduced to riding in cars and being in a crate; and of course they are photographed!.   We stand behind our pups for their lifetime with support and advice for you. When pups are ready we invite you into our home to meet your puppy and get some early training help.


Jamie Como & Kathy Koebensky-Como

email: vermiliontollers@yahoo.com


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About Us...
Your hosts,  Kathy  Koebensky-Como, and the late Jamie Como,
 have been actively showing and breeding Tollers since 1995,
that is when we got Wager and our lives “Went to the dogs!”